Pain Management–A Personal Story

The new push for the control of the amount of opioids…..for decades the health professionals have been pushing opioids for a cure for just about everything.

We have a new president and a new “windmill” to tilt…….Opioids are the new drug of choice for the government to take on and destroy…you know like they did with weed and crack and meth and…..the list goes on all of which is still available at your underground drug store at the corner of 5th and Main.

Personal story……in 2005 I fell onto concrete and broke my right leg in 4 places….after 2 surgeries and a couple pounds of metal and screws I was sent on my merry way……but first I was turned over to pain management for my injury will have a lasting pain quotient associated with it.

After much trial and error trying to find to best pain reliever (keep in mind these do not eliminate pain just help you manage it) the best cocktail was morphine and oxycodone daily.  These have their side effects and one learns to deal with them as best we can.

Fast forward to 2017……I have been managing pain for 12 years and then another trauma to my right leg….I needed to have 4 toes removed from my right foot.  Pain increased and yet I was still using morphine and oxycodone to manage the pain.

And now enter the president and the government……there is an epidemic of abuse in this country of pain medication…..and the government will wipe it out…..

Are you old enough to remember this ad?

That was so successful that the patrons of the Waffle House grew by 200%…….but drugs could still be found at your local underground pharmacy…..

Back to my saga…….

My last visit to the pain management doctor I had to bring my pill bottles…the pills were counted and I had taken 2 pills too many….I was dressed down for over medication and warned that itf it happens again I would be kicked off the program as being an abuser….that would have made it impossible to get on another program because of the title hung around my neck.

Then we have to take a pee test and it will show all drugs that you take and that you had a beer or a glass of wine which would make it another dress down and another threat of loss of meds.

Nothing I like better than being treated like a 5 year old….but what can I expect when the dude calling the shots has the mental capacity of a 5 year old.

The Task Force has finally come out with a new version of the 1987 “This is your brain on drugs” ad……a total of $385,000 of taxpayers money will be spent to stop this opioid abuse in its tracks.

Sorry I think it is well established that these drugs are addictive…this is a waste of money but hey that is what this government does best…piss away taxpayer money.

Here we have the thoughts of the government and the Speaker of the House……

the House continues its bipartisan work to address the opioid epidemic. By the end of this week, we will have considered more than 50 pieces of legislation to support prevention, aid recovery, and protect our communities.

Chances are, you or someone you know has been affected by the opioid epidemic—whether that means wrestling with addiction, supporting a loved one in recovery, or providing comfort to a friend or neighbor dealing with loss.

It is personal for the Speaker?  What garbage!  Someone gave him the name of someone struggling with addiction…….that is NOT a personal story….that is what we call bullshit….or more politely propaganda.

Me?  I have decided that I will not be treated like a 5 year old.  I will take a break from my pain management program…..yes the pain will be a bit much most of the time but I will make it through….it is either suffer with the pain or stick it out and let these toads treat me any way they like because they can simply because I need some relief from constant pain.

15 thoughts on “Pain Management–A Personal Story

  1. Damn, chuq.. I knew you had some foot/leg issue and there was pain but I had no idea your pain has been so consistent. Are you being treated by the VA?
    I guess I am wondering why your pain is so long lasting and seemingly little anyone can do about it.
    Does this qualify you for pot in your state?

    1. I am on Medicare only……I have an 18 inch piece of metal in my upper Right leg….and have toes missing so walking is a major operation for me…..pot cannot be used for any reason in Mississippi….chuq

      1. Sorry, chuq.. there’s no way I can even imagine what you’re going through. It makes what you do on your blogs all that more relevant.

  2. This is another example of this parities desire to control. It’s playing right into the hands of illegal drug dealers. So many will turn to heroin to ease their pain. It’s very frightening, people will suffer. Taking on drug addiction is one thing but denying drugs for the relief of real pain is unconscionable. What’s next, will they force hospice to stop palliative care for the dying? I’m so sorry you are faced with this along with so many. The fed reg have made our Drs afraid to treat us. I remember when I first heard the complaints of Pam Bondi and her BS a bout opioids. I wondered what’s in it for them. theres always got to be something in it for “them”. Good luck Chus.

      1. That’s so true. I have seen many go through the pain management programs here at the hospital, it often puts the patient through more agony, plus having to get there for the treatments when they are suffering, from P.T. (so much for that!) to spinal injections. I don’t know how we got here Chuq or what’s behind it.

      2. The med that worked best for me was not on my pharma deal so I had to go with Oxy a highly addictive drug….makes no sense to me….chuq

      3. I wonder if the Pharmaceutical companies are not making a fuss because the drug is relatively very cheap. I’ve seen lots of people switched to Tramadol.

  3. I haven’t had your experience of course, and I think you do well to stay outwardly cheerful, and still be a productive writer. But the fact that pain-killers are addictive should have come as no surprise to anyone. Surely that was the intention of the drug companies? Make them addictive=make people dependent=sell more.
    (Tramadol can make you feel worse, and nauseous too)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Oh chuq. I had no idea how much pain you’re in. When I still lived in MA they were doing the urine tests once a month which (forgive the pun) pissed me off to no end. Here in AL, while I’m still limited as far as dosage goes, my doctor doesn’t test which allows my dignity to stay intact. It helps that I only take Fioricet for my migraines and a low dose of Klonipin for anxiety.

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