Define Palestine!

Years ago I was asked to contribute to his sight, Legationes, and since then he has closed down his site and my hard work has been lost…..but that aside I had written a piece awhile back about how Palestine should go about defining itself.

I shall try to re-create the post that was lost. But first…….It seems that the debate has been should this be a two state solution or a one state solution?

These are the two broad ways the Israeli-Palestinian conflict might end.

The “two-state solution” would create an independent Israel and Palestine, and is the mainstream approach to resolving the conflict. The idea is that Israelis and Palestinians want to run their countries differently; Israelis want a Jewish state, and Palestinians want a Palestinian one. Because neither side can get what it wants in a joined state, the only possible solution that satisfies everyone involves separating Palestinians and Israelis.

The “one-state solution” would merge Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip into one big country. It comes in two versions. One, favored by some leftists and Palestinians, would create a single democratic country. Arab Muslims would outnumber Jews, thus ending Israel as a Jewish state. The other version, favored by some rightists and Israelis, would involve Israel annexing the West Bank and either forcing outPalestinians or denying them the right to vote. Virtually the entire world, including most Zionists, rejects this option as an unacceptable human rights violation.

The one state solution is losing its luster for Israel has based many laws to make Arabs living in Israel into 2nd class  citizens… nay hope of the demcracy thing is dwindling in Israel. And now…..the news has been leaked that the Trump admin has a plan for the region…..

Israel’s Channel 13 has leaked what it says are the contents of President Trump’s “deal of the century” peace plan for Israel and Palestine. The report would grant the Palestinians a state that encompasses 85%-90% of the occupied West Bank. The plan would be for Israel to keep its settlements, though no longer expanding isolated outposts. Moreover, the plan would mandate Israel evacuate any outposts which are illegal under Israeli law. That’s a big deal, because Israel has recently changed its own laws to facilitate retroactively legalizing a lot of these outposts. The Palestinian capital would be in East Jerusalem, and the Palestinians would be given “most of the Arab neighborhoods” there. Some areas would also be jointly run by Jordan and Palestine. (

This is just a rehash of the 1968 Accords I believe….. Let’s look at today…..

The West Bank has the perfect barrier to set itself up as an independent state….Israel’s wall of separation. (I know this wall is representing something that no self-respecting Palestinian likes) But if they make the wall their own then a positive image will be created…..

Let’s look at the Wall……

Now the Trump guys have a plan….will the US and the world guarantee the legitimacy of this Palestinian state?  This is the rub and the point that Palestinians are not down with…for the US has not been a good player in this saga at all. Now back to Israel’s Wall of Separation…… Once completed the wall could be used as a security barrier for Palestine (I know I know not something that most will accept) but think about it….what better way to keep Israel from encroaching on Palestinian land than a wall…..set up a few security points to keep others out….any settlements behind the wall are Palestine and if the illegal residents want to be Palestinian then they can stay if not let them leave in peace.  (I know did not work out so well in Pakistan in the past) Let any supplies need come in from Jordan….with US and NATO and UN protection.  Jordan will gain a good reliable trading partner and Palestine will get the need materials and food stuffs. Let’s not forget Gaza…… US should guarantee material and food stuff entry through Egypt, the Rafah crossing that Israel tries to keep closed. US military protection for convoys, both air support and convoy protection on the ground…..of course there will be a need to get a truce from Hamas…..but using the population could be a good start…..Israel needs to stand down from attacking people with rocks with rockets and bombs…..they are looking more and more pathetic on the world stage. What would the state of Palestine look like?

Israel and its Western and Arab allies have for decades been claiming that, one day, the Palestinians will have a state of their own. The premise is based on Israel withdrawing from the land it has occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, which would be the capital of the proposed state. What would such a “State of Palestine” actually look like?

When the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), dominated by the secular Fatah movement, recognised Israel’s “right to exist” on 78 per cent of historic Palestine, the resulting Oslo Accords established the Palestinian Authority to have nominal control of the remainder of the land ahead of the creation of the State of Palestine. There is major opposition among Palestinians to such a deal, not least due to doubt about whether it would meet the internationally-recognised elements needed for a sovereign state to exist.

… on….

Those who are still hoping that the new American agenda on Palestine and Israel is temporary, or reversible, should abandon this false hope. Washington’s complete adoption of Israel’s messianic, extremist policies regarding Occupied Palestine has been a long time in the making. And it is here to stay. Despite the unmistakable clarity in the American political discourse regarding Palestine, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is still trapped in a 25-year long, ineffectual political paradigm. Unable to move past their disproportionate reliance on American validation, and lacking any real strategic vision of their own, PA President Mahmoud Abbas and his men are operating within a clichés-centered trajectory of a ‘negotiated peace’ – a discourse that was, itself, invented and championed by Washington and its allies.

In closing a list of companies that profit from the theft of Palestinian land……

After years of unexplained delays, the United Nations this week released a list of over 100 companies with ties to illegal Israeli settler colonies in the occupied West Bank of Palestine.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the UN Human Rights Office identified 112 businesses profiting from the Jews-only settlements. Of those, 94 are based in Israel, while 18 are headquartered in countries including the United States, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Thailand. The UN report is a response to a 2016 United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) resolution calling for a “database for all businesses engaged in specific activities related to Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.”

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3 thoughts on “Define Palestine!

  1. Remember all the fuss about forced movement and ‘Townships’ when South Africa was still ruled by whites? That caused international uproar and demonstrations all over the world. Seems to me that Israel is doing a lot worse, and being allowed to get away with it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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