Space Mining

The US now has a new Space Force…..and now it may be in the process of mining the Moon for minerals and resources…..but to me that is a violation of a treaty the US signed in 1967.

I am one of the few bloggers that is paying attention to this development…I realize that there is so much more happening in the world these days….but nonetheless this could be a new problem forming for our policies.

I have been writing about the violations since Obama started signing acts that would be in conflict with the 1967 treaty…..

My posts will give the reader as much background as possible to explain why I say it is a violation……please read….

Space Law

Space Law–Part 2

What made me think of all this again was the signing of a Trump Executive Order (EO)…….

President Trump issued an executive order Monday urging the US to mine the moon, and possibly other celestial bodies, for minerals, the Guardian reports. “Americans should have the right to engage in commercial exploration, recovery, and use of resources in outer space,” says the order, which notes that the US did not sign the 1979 moon treaty that said space activities should conform to international law. The US does not consider space a “global commons,” the order says, meaning the US should be able to drill there without needing an international treaty.

The order says that if international law is used to try to stop the US from removing parts of the moon or, possibly, Mars and other celestial bodies should that become possible, the country will object. “As America prepares to return humans to the moon and journey on to Mars, this executive order establishes US policy toward the recovery and use of space resources, such as water and certain minerals, in order to encourage the commercial development of space,” says the deputy assistant to the president and executive secretary of the US National Space Council, per

Now for those that do not have any idea about this Moon Treaty of 1979…..I can help with that…..

The Moon Agreement was considered and elaborated by the Legal Subcommittee from 1972 to 1979. The Agreement was adopted by the General Assembly in 1979 in resolution 34/68. It was not until June 1984, however, that the fifth country, Austria, ratified the Agreement, allowing it to enter into force in July 1984. The Agreement reaffirms and elaborates on many of the provisions of the Outer Space Treaty as applied to the Moon and other celestial bodies, providing that those bodies should be used exclusively for peaceful purposes, that their environments should not be disrupted, that the United Nations should be informed of the location and purpose of any station established on those bodies. In addition, the Agreement provides that the Moon and its natural resources are the common heritage of mankind and that an international regime should be established to govern the exploitation of such resources when such exploitation is about to become feasible.

The 1979 Moon Agreement

Then there is the original treaty of 1967……

The Treaty was opened for signature by the three depository Governments (the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States of America) in January 1967, and it entered into force in October 1967. The Outer Space Treaty provides the basic framework on international space law, including the following principles:

  • the exploration and use of outer space shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries and shall be the province of all mankind;
  • outer space shall be free for exploration and use by all States;
  • outer space is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means;
  • States shall not place nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction in orbit or on celestial bodies or station them in outer space in any other manner;
  • the Moon and other celestial bodies shall be used exclusively for peaceful purposes;
  • astronauts shall be regarded as the envoys of mankind;
  • States shall be responsible for national space activities whether carried out by governmental or non-governmental entities;
  • States shall be liable for damage caused by their space objects; and
  • States shall avoid harmful contamination of space and celestial bodies.

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 and the main principles of Space Law

Space was intended to be help in “common” and all benefits of space were to be shared with the world.

So far greed has taken hold of a noble idea and a noble treaty.

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2 thoughts on “Space Mining

  1. In the middle of all that is happening, he is signing orders to build mines on The Moon and Mars? The world (Trump’s world anyway) has truly gone insane.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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