Covid-19 And Civil Rights

There have been many institutions in our society that have been altered by the Covid-19…..including our civil liberties. We have had a lot of back and forth about this virus but the one subject that has been a bit silent is that of civil liberties…..and now it comes to light on IST…….

Philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote, “Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of great fear.” The United States is now in the grip of such a fear. It is prostrating before authoritarians in government who have waited for such a moment and now relish in ordering us indoors.

In loudly applauding the authoritarian shutdown orders of American governments, many seem to be conflating at least a few separate sets of issues that relate to different areas of expertise.

The first area of expertise is the epidemiology of COVID-19. It entails questions of the virus’s contagiousness and deadliness. There are questions on which there are very significant disagreements (with important policy implications) and, importantly, very poor data.

This paper states that the biggest threat to our civil liberties during the pandemic is ICE….

The editorial board of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s student newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel, recently insisted in an editorial amid the coronavirus pandemic that “the biggest present threat to public safety” is ICE agents. The editorial board cited a request made by ICE for 45,000 N95 masks to protect themselves while continuing to enforce the U.S. borders during the coronavirus pandemic. The board cites Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s statement it will “continue daily enforcement operations to make criminal and civil arrests, prioritizing individuals who threaten our national security and public safety.” “We would argue that the biggest present threat to public safety would be ICE agents, not undocumented immigrants,” the board responded.

The secret police will be available when DC gets its spike of Covid-19 infestations…..did I say “secret police”? Yes I did.

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser yesterday ordered a one-month extension of the state of emergency, as cases in the region grow at a rapid pace. Federal officials in the nation’s capital expect a New York-like epidemic in the District, Maryland and Virginia, one that could potentially cripple the government. “No one wants to talk evacuation, especially when there’s nowhere to go,” says a senior military officer working on continuity of government planning; he requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on the record. But a little-known military task force charged with evacuating Washington has already been activated, a task force charged with the most sensitive government mission of “securing” Washington in the face of attackers, foreign and domestic—and if necessary, moving White House and other key government offices to alternate locations.

Other institutions are under attack….voting comes readily to mind….and I have the feeling it will not stop there.

Any thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Covid-19 And Civil Rights

  1. Having the liberty to do as you wish and thereby infect others in the process is taking away the liberty from those you infect. Now that’s a true dilemma.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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