The True Meaning Of The 2nd

I have written numerous times about the US Constitution especially the 2nd amendment…..and what it means…..  Please read my thoughts before you continue on……

Before we go any further…..I am a gun owner, actually own several, and I do not want guns removed from our society….all I ask is that a debate occur that does not descend into name calling and ranting……my thought is that we do not need assault weapons for civilians….there are many types of firearms that can be used for hunting and home security without these.

My thoughts are if you need an assault weapon for hunting then maybe going hunting at Krogers or Whole Foods would be better for you or if you need a multi bullet weapon for house security then a shotgun would be a better choice.

All that said is just my thoughts.

Now a few articles that have some good and informative points.

Part of the miserable ritual that follows American mass shootings is the lament that nothing can be done unless we get rid of the Second Amendment. New York Times columnist Bret Stephens reasoned thus:
There’s a good case to be made for owning a handgun for self-defense, or a rifle for hunting. There is no remotely sane case for being allowed to purchase, as [Las Vegas mass murderer] Paddock did, 33 firearms in the space of a year. But that change can’t happen without a constitutional fix. Anything less does little more than treat the symptoms of the disease.
The pro-gun side echoes this claim of textual determinism. My colleague James Fallows, writing on Monday, quoted a correspondent who is a “famous novelist” as saying, “the Constitution trumps (if you’ll pardon the expression) all prudential or policy considerations. It makes them utterly irrelevant.” Justice Clarence Thomas, as I recently wrote, makes the same claim—that the text of the amendment and the Supreme Court’s case law create a “fundamental right” that is violated by a ban on assault weapons, a waiting period for gun purchases, or limits on high-capacity magazines

There were a series of articles about gun rights and the second amendment……for further reading……

After reading those links….then I have another one for the gun nuts on the Left…..

The Socialist Rifle Association is an educational organization dedicated to providing the working class with the information they need to be effectively armed for self and community defense. This includes all manner of community defense, from the right of the working class to possess firearms to the ability to be well versed in the fields of medicine, disaster relief, logistics, agriculture, and survival skills. Our goal is to provide an alternate to the mainstream, toxic, right-wing, and non-inclusive gun culture that has dominated the firearms community for decades. We seek to provide a safe, inclusive, and left-leaning platform for talking about gun rights and self defense, free from racist and reactionary prejudices, while providing a platform for the working class to obtain the skills necessary for all aspects of community defense.

Your thoughts?

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