Remember The “Cowardly Lion”?

An episode of The Old Professor’s Emetic(vomitorium)

If you are old then you will remember the Wizard of Oz and the companions of Dorothy….the Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion as they travel along the Yellow Brick Road.

This cinema character was afraid of just about everything from noises to his own shadow…..

About here one would be asking just what does this cinematic character have to do with anything, right?

Well for this post it has a correlation with the so called Hard Right in our politics……Some call it the Alt-Right but I prefer the term “hard”.

This group seems to write insulting diatribes about anything they do not agree with or afraid of and that is where the similarity with the “Cowardly Lion” begins.

The Old Guard of the GOP is afraid…afraid of liberals/democrats……afraid of socialism….afraid of immigrants….afraid of citizens with brown skin…….afraid of Muslims…….afraid of the media…..afraid of the voter….afraid of….well you get the idea…they are afraid of anything and everything that looks like change in this country….from voters to ideas…..

And like that Cowardly lion they use macho crap to look like they care….they use those morons with their guns and tac gear to show up at protests to intimidate the population watching.

These people are the COWARDS for they need weapons to try and enforce their belief.

Thanks to social media they can spread fear and loathing and unlike the “Cowardly Lion” of the Wizard of Oz the GOP will not find their courage for it is too far gone to be retrieved.

The pandemic we are currently facing illustrates just how pathetic the GOP old guard has become….Mitch…McCarthy, Nunes, et al……they are doing more harm to the country by carrying the genitals of the president around in orifices of their bodies….( an exaggeration but you get the idea)…….

Then there are those lameass “evangelists” that try to justify their existence by putting their followers at risk…..another sub-set of the “Cowardly Lion”……during the pandemic they defy local health restrictions to collect more cash from the faithful.

All in all…the GOP cannot locate their courage for they have been lying and cheating for so long they do not know where to look.

We should start by acknowledging that there is No “National Values”….there were at one time but those days are gone….

And, indeed, these are the sort of practices/values that most U.S. citizens agree are important. Most, but not all—not the 30 to 35 percent of Americans who constitute President Donald Trump’s infamous base. These citizens are typically intolerant and are uncomfortable with diversity. Their notion of inclusiveness does not go much beyond their own perceived community or group. And their respect for the rule of law is conditional at best. Thus, they appear energized by Trump’s rhetoric, which has overtones of classic fascism. But let’s leave this minority aside for the moment and just concentrate on Biden’s classic value claims for democratic America.

National Values: Reality or Propaganda?

Yes there is NO national values….and please do not get me started on that silliness some call the “American Dream”(probably a post to come)……

That Cowardly Lion has more than one face……the US Senate is full of them….and the loudest “Lion” is the leader of the US Senate, McConnell……he and his underlings have done more to undermine this country than all the protests since the 1970s.

This country is run by cowards.

Enough Said!

Learn Stuff!

“lego ergo scribo”

2 thoughts on “Remember The “Cowardly Lion”?

  1. Most people in any government become cowardly in an effort to protect their lifestyle, and keep their jobs. It is rare to find a politician who genuinely wants to serve the people who elected them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. So true and this situation should show the American people just how gutless they are….that is if any are paying attention. chuq

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