You Are a Damn Radical!


Americans are famous for assign a label to someone as a form of insult.

Like the two parties accusing the other of Far Left activities….

The Biden campaign has a new Spanish-language ad out claiming that President Trump is cut from the same cloth as leftist leaders Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro. This is not the first time the Biden campaign has done this, with the same comparison made to Spanish-speaking voters in Florida ads last month.

The hashtag #ComradeTrump is trending on Twitter as of this writing because a well-funded Super PAC run by never-Trump Republicans put out an appallingly stupid viral video featuring footage of Trump splashed with red hammer-and-sickle symbols interspersed with images of Soviet leaders while an English-captioned narrator gushes about Mother Russia’s support for “Comrade Trump” in Russian. As of this writing the video has over two million views on Twitter alone.

This tactic of negatively associating Trump with communism and socialism, combined with the consistent pattern of attacking the president for being insufficiently warlike, would only work if it was directed at the members of a reactionary, jingoistic right-wing political ideology. And it does work, because that’s exactly the ideology of the Democratic Party.

America’s Two Right-Wing Parties Absurdly Keep Accusing Each Other Of Being Far-Left

Ah! Labels!

It is what we Americans do best…..label others.

I have been called many things during my decades of activism……pinko….commie….hippies…..etc….and even a RADICAL.

If that was to be an insult then they failed completely.

If you want real societal change then by god you need radicals…..or you are spinning your wheels in the mud of political manure.

America has a propensity for dismissing people and ideas with labels. Terms like “socialist” and “communist” are frequently hurled at those who dare to promote substantial programs that address poverty, or suggest that government provide what many other “developed nations” deem fundamental services – like universal healthcare. Anyone who openly identifies with such positions is assumed to have nothing legitimate to contribute to public debate, irrespective of the plausibility, merit, and true ideology informing their arguments.

It’s a similar scenario with “radical” – a word often used to evoke associations with extremism, instability and an absolutist approach to politics. But the popular usage belies the important role many radicals have played in promoting democracy and justice throughout history, not to mention the continued role radical ideas and activism have to play in unfinished projects.

You say you want change….from what?

Once you decide what it is you want to change then start looking to the radicals to make it happen…….or STOP bitching!

Something that may help……

“lego ergo scribo”

5 thoughts on “You Are a Damn Radical!

  1. Calling Trump a Communist seems to me to be a new low of political understanding. There are plenty of Right-Wing dictators to choose from to compare him to. I would suggest they start with Mussolini.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Reblogged this on In Saner Thought and commented:

    Insults are the rule of the day both on-line and in face to face encounters… is not a new phenom… has been going on for many many years. This is my thoughts from other blog GSFP……chuq

  3. I don’t think there is an insult or a negative label that would adequately describe the evil called “Trump” so I doubt that he is in much danger of being properly insulted OR labeled.

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