2020 Alternative #3–Reform Party

My continuing series on the alternative candidates just in case there are those out there like me that does not want a return of the status quo in our politics……the country deserves better.

This post will be about the Reform Party…..you may have heard of them…if you are old then it would be because of Ross Perot’s run for the presidency…..if you are too young for that then possibly it will be because Donald Trump tried to run as their candidate in 2000….but failed miserably.

When the ARP was founded, Jackie Salit noted in the Christian Science Monitor: “At its founding meeting in Kansas City in 1997, the 40 black delegates in the room, led by the country’s foremost African-American independent – Lenora Fulani – represented the first time in US history that African-Americans were present at the founding of a major national political party.”

The ARP has yet to organize in more than a few states. In the 2000, 2004, and 2008 elections, the American Reform Party supported Ralph Nader for president. The ARP is not a political party in the conventional sense. It does not have ballot access in any state, and it does not run candidates. It supports third-party candidates and independents who support the primary principals of the Party’s platform.

About 2010–2011, the party shifted from a relatively centrist platform to a Tea Party-style fiscal conservative one. In the 2012 presidential election, the ARP endorsed Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney against incumbent president Barack Obama In the 2016 presidential election, the Party endorsed the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The Core Principles of the Reform Party are extensive……if interested here they are…..

No more gifts.

● No more trips or junkets paid for by special interests.

● No more free meals.

● Pass laws with significant penalties – not rules.

● Give Congress and the White House the same retirement plans and health care as the average citizen.

So many more…..https://reformparty.org/about-reform-party/core-principles/

I would say that Trump has failed in the first section completely….and the more you read the more you can see that he has done so completely.

Rocky de la FuenteDarcy Richardson Rocky de la Fuente (California)
Presidential Nominee
Darcy Richardson (Florida)
Vice Presidential NomineeAlso the nominees of the Reform Party, American Independent Party of California and Natural Law Party of Michigan

For more party info…..https://reformparty.org/

Some of the minor third parties will be covered in #4

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2020 Alternative #2–Greens

2020 Election Series #2

The next largest voting bloc is that of the Green Party…if you are someone who is set on saving the environment and wants to clean up politics then the Green Party USA just may be your cup of herbal tea.

But if you are not sure then maybe this will help you in your search…..

Ecologism or green political theory is the most recent of schools of political thinking. On the one hand, it focuses on issues that are extremely old in politics and philosophical inquiry –such as the relationship between the human and nonhuman worlds, the moral status of animals, what is the ‘good life’, and the ethical and political regulation of technological innovation. Yet on the other, it isalso characterised as dealing with some specificallycontemporaryissues such as the economic and political implications of climate change, peak oil, overconsumption, resource competition and conflicts,and rising levels of global and national inequalities. It is also an extremely broad school of political thought covering a wide variety of concerns, contains a number of distinct sub-schools of green thought (here sharing a similarity with other political ideologies) and combines normative and empirical scientific elements in a unique manner making it distinctive fromother political ideologies.

Click to access Green_Political_Theory_John_Barry.pdf

The Green Party has some excellent ideas and ideology…..

Their platform is kind extensive and if you want to check it our in pdf…..Platform as PDF

If you prefer just click on the link…..https://www.gp.org/platform

Howie HawkinsAngela Walker Howie Hawkins (New York)
Presidential Nominee
Angela Walker (South Carolina)
Vice Presidential Nominee 

Also the nominees of Socialist Party USA

Now you have the stuff about the party then let’s move on to their 2020 presidential candidate……

If yo truly care about the ecology of the nation and social issues then the Green Party could be the vote you seek.

Next up will be the Reform Party…

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2020 Alternatives–Libertarian

2020 Election Series #1

I try to be as FYI as I can without being too biased….there is little more than a month before we vote for our next president or the guy that he beat…..

Not to worry there is more candidates than the two that the media wants you to fixate on……GSFP will give the other parties that have presidential candidates for 2020…..I will start with the most popular of the alternatives (some say)…the Libertarian Party…

A little history to help your knowledge…..

The Libertarian Party was established in Westminster, Colorado, in 1971 and fielded its first candidate for the presidency in the next year’s elections. In 1980 it achieved its height of success when it was on the ballot in all 50 states, and its presidential candidate, Edward E. Clark, a California lawyer, received 921,199 votes. Although this vote represented only about 1 percent of the national total, it was enough to make the Libertarian Party the third largest political party in the United States. Libertarian candidates ran in every subsequent presidential election, and several of its members were elected to local and state office, particularly in the West. Though subsequently the party failed to match its 1980 total, its presidential candidates consistently attracted hundreds of thousands of votes, and from 1992 the party consistently secured ballot access in all 50 states. In 2000 the party contested a majority of seats in the House of Representatives, and though it captured no seats, its candidates combined to win 1.7 million votes. The party maintains a national office in Washington, D.C., and has affiliates in every state. The Cato Institute, a public-policy research organization, was founded in 1977 in part by prominent members of the Libertarian Party.

The criteria for presidential candidates to be recognized on any Libertarian Party platform is as follows:

  1. 1. Must have filed FEC-2 with the Federal Election Commission
  2. 2. The candidate is a sustaining member of the national LP
  3. 3. The candidate is legally qualified to hold the office and must be registered as Libertarian (if their home state has registration by party)
  4. 4. The candidate must have a functional website and/or Facebook page that can be linked from lp.org
  5. 5. The candidate has professional quality photos, especially a head shot and at least a one minute video with audio of the candidate speaking .
  6. 6. The candidate must have a dedicated campaign manager
  7. 7. The candidate must use the word “Libertarian” in his or her campaign materials

Now all that intro is done let’s look at their presidential candidate……

Jorgensen, a senior lecturer of psychology at Clemson University in South Carolina, won the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President in late May. She had been the party’s vice presidential pick with Harry Browne in 1996.

She was set to hold in-person rallies in Mississippi and Louisiana over the weekend, although her campaign asked that attendees wear masks, follow social distancing guidelines and stay home if they’re not feeling well. Despite the bat-related delay, Jorgensen said she’d still attend her campaign events in Hattiesburg, Miss., Saturday afternoon.

If you are interested in the Libertarian Party in 2020 then more info is needed and can be located here…..https://jo20.com/

Do not like her?  Not to worry there are other candidates form 2020……

But keep in mind that some of the candidates may not be on the ballot in your state for the governments do all they can to prevent the voter having no choices but the ones they approve of…….which is sad considering how screwed up the two majors are these days.

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Our Debt Economy

This nation has worked with a huge debt for decades…..debt being we spend more than we take in….and that is the result of those massive tax breaks and cuts that only assist the wealthy…..

And soon, probably after the next election, the GOP will return to the same lame bullshit about the debt and will demand tax cuts to get it more in line with their philosophies…..while their man in the White House is pissing money away it is some how not that important…..just wait.

This country runs on a debt economy…..

All the economic forces of the state—of both governments and central banks—must be mobilised to ensure its continued accumulation of wealth through the provision of endless supplies of money to boost share prices and other financial assets.

This was set out most clearly in a note issued earlier this month by JPMorgan Chase, reported by Bloomberg. The note said that extremely loose monetary policy—the maintenance of ultra-low interest rates and massive purchases of debt by central banks—would have to be continued for a long time.

“More debt, more liquidity, more asset reflation” was the bank’s conclusion. According to one of its leading strategists, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, there will be a $16 trillion increase in debt this year, taking the total amount of private and government debt in the global financial system to $200 trillion by the end of the year.


A bit more information on a debt economy…looking from the UK…..

There is no limit to the quantity of money that can be created by a central bank such as the Bank of England. It was different in the days of the gold standard, when central banks were restrained by a promise to redeem their money for gold on demand. But countries moved away from this system in the early part of the 20th century, and central banks nowadays can issue as much money as they like.

This observation is the root of modern monetary theory (MMT), which has attracted new attention during the pandemic, as governments around the world increase spending and public debts become all the more burdensome.

MMT proponents argue that governments can spend as necessary on all desirable causes – reducing unemployment, green energy, better healthcare and education – without worrying about paying for it with higher taxes or increased borrowing. Instead, they can pay using new money from their central bank. The only limit, according to this view, is if inflation starts to rise, in which case the solution is to increase taxes


The National Debt is only a problem when a Dem is in the White House and they can be blamed for all the GOP overspending.

There is a solution!

Stop worthless tax cuts and force those making billions into paying their share of the taxes……tax cutting has accomplished NOTHING for this country…..just keeps the wealthy in cigars and yachts.

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Time To Reclaim Civics

This country is in deep do-do…….we have collectively lost our grasp of what civics is all about.

For the most part civics is not a big subject in our schools any more……that needs to change and change NOW!

Our current divide within the co8untry is an perfect illustration how shit happens when civics education is ignored….

It will be natural for each side, energized by the unrest, to resort to thinking of civic education in its same standardized, partisan forms. For the Left, civics is more or less synonymous with activism. Democratic activities are held up as the paragon of patriotism, leaving students inclined to protesting, marching, and voting as the peak of political virtue.

By contrast, the Right often places greater emphasis on content civics, implying that a clear account of one’s history and an understanding of American institutions is sufficient for cultivating civic virtue.

Both approaches to civic education are inadequate because both are flip sides of the same coin. Each shares the aim of answering what it means to be a citizen, before answering the far more pressing and profound question, namely: what it means to be human. Answering this question is not a distraction from civics education. It is a necessary precondition for beginning to understand American citizenship.

To Save America, Reclaim Civics

What seems to be the nation;s biggest problem these days?

“Too many Americans lack an understanding of basic elements of their government and governing principles,” a study last year by the Knight Foundation and the Aspen Institute concluded. Moreover, “Technology is providing access to so much information — and disinformation — that it is overwhelming individuals’ ability to determine what is true, especially in the absence of widespread digital literacy.”

Never before has there been more information available at the tip of our fingers, yet Americans feel less informed than ever. Consumption habits have also changed: Teens are no longer reading trustworthy periodical sources on a daily basis, notably. This is highlighted by the fact that 69 percent of teens trust that traditional news sources will get the facts right, yet only 30 percent are engaged with those sources.

Furthermore, civics education has long been a forgotten area of the curriculum. State requirements for civics vary state to state, an approach that arguably is failing our students as only 24 percent of them reached the standard of “proficient” in the government’s most recent National Assessment for Educational Progress.


Both these source are just reiterating what I have been yelling about for a decade or more….ignorance.

If this country is ever going to heal from the riffs of the past several decades then a Civics education is mandatory.

An old Ben Franklin cartoon says it best….even today….

UNITY!  That will save this countryacc-cdn.azureedge.net/accnop420media/w_1_000874...

UNITY will save this nation….I mean unity of the people…parties be DAMN!

The other option is that we keep going along the lines of today and the nation will be just as disjointed as the snake above.

Which is you choice?

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Slavery In The Shadows

Once again the debate on racism has ignited over the death of a Black man at the hands of the police….and the conversation has gone deeper and brought the discussion of slavery and history to the forefront.

If I need to explain what I am talking about then it is a waste of time for you to be reading this….so why bother I am sure something good is on the Cartoon Network.

Slavery in the American South is said to had ended with the defeat of the Confederate forces and the peace that came to the nation. (Debatable)

Today most intelligent people these days are outraged by the institution of slavery….but are they?

Lewis Hamilton has emerged in recent weeks as a figurehead in the Black Lives Matter movement. In an eloquent, thoughtful essay for The Sunday Times last month, the Formula 1 driver wrote about his lifelong experience of racism in Britain; about the heart-breaking warnings that black fathers like his know that they need to give their sons; about his recognition that the murder of George Floyd, despite seeming a faraway occurrence in a foreign land, was in fact a moment that demanded a “global awakening to the systemic racism, witnessed and experienced by every person of colour across the world”.

Here’s the problem for Hamilton. Slavery is still with us. In fact, more people are thought to live enslaved today than at any point in recorded history. Most of them are still people of colour. And many are held in nations which happily host Grand Prix tournaments to celebrate their wealth. In 2016, one Lewis Hamilton notoriously voiced his appreciation for his hosts at the Bahrain Grand Prix, arriving in a “thobe”, the traditional dress of the Bahraini royal family, and tweeting: “Nothing but love and respect for this culture, and Bahrain!! Feeling royal.” In Bahrain, 1.9 people in every thousand is thought to be a slave. The royal family has been repeatedly accused of abusing slaves.


What is that old saying?  “Outta sight, outta mind”?

Human Trafficking is a major feeder of the world’s slavery markets.  I wrote about the consequences for the world’s populations….all four of my series may be accessed here…..https://gulfsouthfreepress.wordpress.com/2018/08/02/solutions-conclusion/

Time to bring the shadowy world of modern slavery into the light and in doing so maybe we as a humans can find a way to end the suffering of so many.

Or is it just something this world should just learn to live with?

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