Slavery In The Shadows

Once again the debate on racism has ignited over the death of a Black man at the hands of the police….and the conversation has gone deeper and brought the discussion of slavery and history to the forefront.

If I need to explain what I am talking about then it is a waste of time for you to be reading this….so why bother I am sure something good is on the Cartoon Network.

Slavery in the American South is said to had ended with the defeat of the Confederate forces and the peace that came to the nation. (Debatable)

Today most intelligent people these days are outraged by the institution of slavery….but are they?

Lewis Hamilton has emerged in recent weeks as a figurehead in the Black Lives Matter movement. In an eloquent, thoughtful essay for The Sunday Times last month, the Formula 1 driver wrote about his lifelong experience of racism in Britain; about the heart-breaking warnings that black fathers like his know that they need to give their sons; about his recognition that the murder of George Floyd, despite seeming a faraway occurrence in a foreign land, was in fact a moment that demanded a “global awakening to the systemic racism, witnessed and experienced by every person of colour across the world”.

Here’s the problem for Hamilton. Slavery is still with us. In fact, more people are thought to live enslaved today than at any point in recorded history. Most of them are still people of colour. And many are held in nations which happily host Grand Prix tournaments to celebrate their wealth. In 2016, one Lewis Hamilton notoriously voiced his appreciation for his hosts at the Bahrain Grand Prix, arriving in a “thobe”, the traditional dress of the Bahraini royal family, and tweeting: “Nothing but love and respect for this culture, and Bahrain!! Feeling royal.” In Bahrain, 1.9 people in every thousand is thought to be a slave. The royal family has been repeatedly accused of abusing slaves.

What is that old saying?  “Outta sight, outta mind”?

Human Trafficking is a major feeder of the world’s slavery markets.  I wrote about the consequences for the world’s populations….all four of my series may be accessed here…..

Time to bring the shadowy world of modern slavery into the light and in doing so maybe we as a humans can find a way to end the suffering of so many.

Or is it just something this world should just learn to live with?

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