2020 Alternative #2–Greens

2020 Election Series #2

The next largest voting bloc is that of the Green Party…if you are someone who is set on saving the environment and wants to clean up politics then the Green Party USA just may be your cup of herbal tea.

But if you are not sure then maybe this will help you in your search…..

Ecologism or green political theory is the most recent of schools of political thinking. On the one hand, it focuses on issues that are extremely old in politics and philosophical inquiry –such as the relationship between the human and nonhuman worlds, the moral status of animals, what is the ‘good life’, and the ethical and political regulation of technological innovation. Yet on the other, it isalso characterised as dealing with some specificallycontemporaryissues such as the economic and political implications of climate change, peak oil, overconsumption, resource competition and conflicts,and rising levels of global and national inequalities. It is also an extremely broad school of political thought covering a wide variety of concerns, contains a number of distinct sub-schools of green thought (here sharing a similarity with other political ideologies) and combines normative and empirical scientific elements in a unique manner making it distinctive fromother political ideologies.

Click to access Green_Political_Theory_John_Barry.pdf

The Green Party has some excellent ideas and ideology…..

Their platform is kind extensive and if you want to check it our in pdf…..Platform as PDF

If you prefer just click on the link…..https://www.gp.org/platform

Howie HawkinsAngela Walker Howie Hawkins (New York)
Presidential Nominee
Angela Walker (South Carolina)
Vice Presidential Nominee 

Also the nominees of Socialist Party USA

Now you have the stuff about the party then let’s move on to their 2020 presidential candidate……

If yo truly care about the ecology of the nation and social issues then the Green Party could be the vote you seek.

Next up will be the Reform Party…

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