2020 Alternatives #6–Those Damn Socialists

Finally this is for all those “socialist” that the GOP and conservs thinks is the Dems…little do they know they are wrong….these are the true socialist in the running for 2020.

WE have three socialist parties that are running candidates for president…..the Socialist Equality Party, Party of Socialism& Liberation and the Socialist Workers Party…….

First the candidates for the SEP…….

Joseph Kishore is the national secretary of the SEP in the US, a position he has held since 2008. He joined the SEP in 1999 after becoming politically radicalized by the Clinton administration’s war against Serbia.

Over the past two decades, he has written hundreds of articles for the World Socialist Web Site and as national secretary has directed the party’s intervention in the struggles of workers and youth.

Norissa Santa Cruz joined the SEP in 2013. She was initially introduced to the SEP’s youth movement, the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, in 2011 following its intervention in protests to defend public education.

Raised in a working-class family in San Diego County, Santa Cruz would go on to study cultural anthropology and ethnomusicology at UC San Diego. She currently works as an administrator in graduate education. She has written extensively on the issues faced by health care workers and educators, as well as the bipartisan attacks on immigrants and refugees.


Next is the Socialists Workers Party……not a lot of info on these candidates….

Alyson Kennedy (Texas)
Presidential Nominee

Malcolm Jarrett (Pennsylvania)
Vice Presidential Nominee

Finally the Party of Socialism & Liberty

PSL Ten Point Plan for 2020…..https://www.lariva2020.org/program

Gloria La Riva is a labor, community and anti-war activist based in San Francisco, California. In 2016, as the presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation and the Peace and Freedom Party, Gloria received the most votes of any socialist presidential candidate since 1976.

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Gloria attended Brandeis University where she was active in affirmative action struggles. Gloria has been a key organizer of many mass demonstrations and other actions opposing the wars and occupation in Central America, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and elsewhere.


Sunil Freeman is a lifelong activist and cultural worker. He is the child of parents who met as workers at the refugee camp in Kurukshetra during the time of India’s independence and partition. Growing up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C., Sunil, along with his family, were active participants in the mass anti-Vietnam War movement, formative experiences that brought Sunil into solidarity with all the movements of the oppressed sweeping the world during that time.

Sunil, a poet and essayist, has contributed to and edited major literary journals. He joined the PSL in 2005 after becoming an organizer with the ANSWER Coalition in the anti-Iraq War movement. Sunil has participated in and organized dozens of events in opposition to US wars abroad, against the US blockade of Cuba, and against criminal sanctions levied by the US against a range of countries.


There you have it…the only true socialists on the ballots this election cycle.

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4 thoughts on “2020 Alternatives #6–Those Damn Socialists

  1. Gloria La Riva is truly the people’s candidate. She even went to help out the people of Lake Charles after Hurricane Laura hit. Trump only showed up to sign autographs and tell people to sell them on eBay. Biden didn’t even bother to show up and barely even acknowledged it happened.

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