Be True To Your Convictions

I proud myself as to always voting for my principles/convictions.

That usually means that I do a deep search of candidates and as usual neither of the major parties offers me much in way of hope for this country….so I start looking elsewhere.

All that means that I have not voted for a winning presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter…..I vote my choice in primaries but they seldom make it past the convention and so I have been voting third party exclusively since 1976.

I usually get push back from my readers that say my vote for anyone not a major candidate is a wasted vote or a vote for the “other” guy.  To this I disagree for I refuse to vote against my principles.convictions

I recently read a post that tells me I should rethink my decision in voting…..

There is nothing wrong with strong opinions. They are healthy in a democracy – an apathetic electorate is an ineffective electorate.

But a curious fact about American society’s supercharged political culture is that even the most humble debates (think: Which fried chicken sandwiches are best?) turn a tweet into matters of conviction.

The result is that many of us come to see criticism as intolerable and disagreement with our opinions as a mark of moral inferiority.

That’s a problem not just because it can lead to incivility; it’s a problem because it can lead to dogmatism, and when it comes to matters like climate change or immigration, even violent fanaticism.

A conviction isn’t just a strongly held belief. I strongly believe that two and two make four, but that doesn’t rise to the level of a conviction.

Convictions are about what matters to us. Most importantly, they signify to others what kind of person – parent, friend, citizen – we take ourselves to be. They reflect our self-identity. It is this fact that makes a conviction feel so certain, so right.

I strongly disagree with this author……I believe he/she is writing about the age of social media more than anything.

I will not compromise my principles for the sake of being a “nice guy”….my principles define me…they are who I am and I will not compromise that for anything or anyone….not even to pat myself on the back for voting for the “winner”.

I had rather be wrong on my voting decision than to compromise for the sake of expediency…or so that I can say I voted for the winner.

“lego ergo scribo”.