It’s Those Individual Rights

This is a debate in this country even from the very beginning and the silliness rages to this day.

These days the individual rights thing centers around the pandemic and the use of masks and even the vaccinations.

Let’s us take a look at what “individual rights” is all about….

Rights are essential for a society to function properly. They are normally set by laws and enforced by the government. There are many different rights and democracy is the political system that protects basic these rights the most. When basic individual rights, such as the right to vote, to work, to live and to have a family among other fundamental rights, are prohibited or limited by a government the country might not be living under democratic principles.

Imagine a world where you could not own property or even a weapon to protect yourself and your family. You couldn’t vote for the candidate of your choice in elections, couldn’t speak freely without being arrested, and couldn’t practice the religion you wanted. Imagine you could have your house searched by law enforcement at any time without a search warrant or be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment for committing a crime.

In such a world, you would have no individual rights. The United States was established based on democratic principles, and individual rights coincide with democracy. Democracy can be defined as everyone in society having formal equality of rights and privileges. The founding fathers put these ideals of democracy in the Constitution in the 1700s, and they continue to exist to this day.

Your individual rights guarantee individuals rights to certain freedoms without interference from the government or other individuals. These rights are derived from the Bill of Rights in our United States Constitution. The Bill of Rights consists of the first ten amendments of the Constitution. Within the first ten amendments, your individual rights are specified. They apply to everyone within United States borders.

Now the question is… individual rights trump (no pun intended) the public good?

These days your individual rights is not a given….only when it conforms to the present day paradigm.

The GOP embraces the thought of individual rights like the decision to NOT wear a mask….and yet the same people do not support a woman’s right to her body…so apparently those individual rights are only supported when it complies with the orthodoxy of the party…..has NOTHING to do with rights and everything to do with party philosophy.

Depends on who you talk with ….the definition changes with point of view.

For me either you support individual rights on all topics or you do not…..there is NO grey area.

Any thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “It’s Those Individual Rights

  1. It is obviously desirable to have all those individual freedoms. However, they are easily subverted by the introduction of new ‘Laws’, and ‘Emergency Powers’. In the UK, supposed terrorist activity is monitored without warrants, including photo surveillance, phone taps, and Internet searches. The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) pretty much do whatever they like.
    We have had The Prevention of Terrorism Act in law since 2005. That’s a ‘catch-all’ law open to a wide interpretation.
    ‘The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 allows ‘control orders’ to be imposed on those suspected of involvement in terrorist activity. These are preventive measures that allow the police to limit the movement and activity of suspects through one or more obligations aimed at disrupting their involvement in terrorism.’
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Reblogged this on In Saner Thought and commented:

    These every person with a mouth is creaming about their individual rights….the right to not wear a mask…to wear on….their rights to do this or that….I just could not let this babbling continue without a thought or two.

  3. In my view to uphold individual rights in a nation needs to be vigilant at all times.

    Even more so for those that a society in general, or a prominent political group finds undesirables or not worthy of basic humane treatment.

    For the US, the deathpenalty, keeping prisoners in isolation. What about Guatamo Bay and the individual rights of those imprisoned there. Or what happens with “undesirable aliens”. Children seperated from their parents etc.

    Individual basic rights for everybody an not alone those socially, politically acceptable.

  4. Everyone has their individual rights, but those are outweighed by the common good. People have used their “freedumb” to express idiotic opinions and beliefs. That doesn’t make those idiotic opinions and beliefs valid in any way.

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