Did Company Mistreat Its Workers?

CNN recently did a report on the mistreatment of immigrant workers and two Mississippi companies are faced with lawsuits concerning the immigrants.

Two Mississippi companies deny allegations they lured foreign workers to the United States with false promises of good jobs then housed them in storage buildings.

Twelve Brazilians are suing Moss Point-based Knights Marine and Industrial and a subsidiary, Five Star Contractors LLC, alleging racketeering, breach of contract and fraud.

The workers, who came to Mississippi on temporary work visas, allege they spent thousands of dollars in travel expenses, but the high-paying jobs they were promised didn’t materialize.

Brian Knight, president of Knights Marine, denied the allegations in a statement to The Associated Press.

He calls the allegations false and the lawsuit frivolous.


Immigrants In The South

CNN has done a piece on the treatment of Latino immigrants in the South.

Low-income Latinos in the South have been routinely cheated out of wages, denied basic health protections and are victims of racial profiling, according to a report released by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“This report documents the human toll of failed policies that relegate millions of people to an underground economy, where they are beyond the protection of the law,” said Mary Bauer, author of the report. “Workplace abuses and racial profiling are rampant in the South.”

The report details stories of a Tennessee woman who says she was jailed for asking for her pay after working at a cheese factory, a bean-picker in Alabama who says his life savings were taken by police at a traffic stop and a rapist in Georgia who was not arrested because the suspect’s victim was an undocumented immigrant.

Forty-one percent of the people surveyed said they had experienced theft of their wages by employers. Forty-seven percent said they know someone who was treated unfairly by police. Seventy-seven percent of women surveyed said they have been sexually harassed by bosses, many saying that bosses used their immigration status as leverage.

Well the South has seldom been a friend to workers, even legal ones so this story should be no surprise to anyone.  Even the elected governments of ALL the people, have been unfriendly to workers.

Mississippi & Immigration

Seems that the Gov of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, has a new plan for the control of the flow of illegal aliens. His plan if implemented, would penalize businesses with loss of the licenses for one year if they are found to employ illegal aliens. Those businesses that hold government contracts will ;lose their license for three years.

Here is the really good part. Any illegal alien arrested in Mississippi will serve a sentence of one year. Really good! There is massive overcrowding in the penal system in the state, where does pee brain think they will be housed?

This is typical of Republicans, they have ideas but no way to put them into action. all this does is make Barbour look like he is doing something about the illegal alien problem, when in reality he is just creating even more problems for the penal system of Mississippi. Kinda like trying to put a hand held cork into a broken levee.