That Is One Way To Get A Scoop

WLOX-TV news reporter Toni Miles has lost her job after being arrested on a felony cocaine charge.

Her attorney, Charles P. Wilson Jr., said her dismissal today “was based on mere allegations. Just because somebody has been accused of something, it doesn’t mean that they have broken the law.”

WLOX Station Manager Dave Vincent has not returned phone calls for comment.

Miles, a member of the TV station’s news team since 2001, was arrested early this morning at the home of Gulfport businessman Ronnie Wayne Blacklidge Jr. They and two others were arrested at his Bayou View home on Quincy Avenue. The Gulfport Police Department said they entered the home with a search warrant at 3:12 a.m.

Miles was a field reporter for WLOX during the week and a weekend co-anchor.

Blacklidge is a local developer and helps run a family-owned asphalt company, Blacklidge Emulsions. He lives in a neighborhood west of Courthouse Road.

Miles, 32, of Biloxi, and Blacklidge, 36, have both been released from the Harrison County jail. Both are charged with possession of cocaine. They were booked in at the Harrison County jail at 10:15 a.m. Both posted bail around 1 p.m.


MS: Misinformation Sticks

Supporters of former Democratic Gov. Ronnie Musgrove and interim Republican Sen. Roger Wicker have unleashed a barrage of negative commercials in the past several months, hoping to gain an advantage in the neck-and-neck U.S. Senate race.

Often, political attack ads don’t tell the whole story, rather just a portion of it, using certain facts that benefit one candidate and make the other look bad. Usually, the ads tackle a complicated topic that’s not as simple as presented and in many cases, the other campaign counters the ad using their own facts that may be equally incomplete.

Voters, who often don’t have the time or resources to get the whole story, are left to decide which candidate they trust more.

Idiot Of The Week

It is so hard to pick an idiot of the week…..cops beating people on tape….teens beating other teens to put on youtube…..etc…etc.

But I finally found my idiot of the week:

An American soldier, serving in Iraq, used the Koran for target practice and was seen by some locals.

How stupid must you be to do something this moronic?  A general had to apologize and the soldier had to write a letter to the locals.  If not, then the Sunni tribesmen would have pulled out of the cooperation deal with the military and then your sacred “surge” would be a dried cow pie on the road of war.

This lucky person will now be entered into the Idiot of the Year award—

2008 Idiot Of The Week

We have a winner this week!  Robert Fuller of Texas.  He stole a check from his girl friend’s mother and forged her signature……the amount on the check was $360 billion.  Some wide eyed teller caught the amount and became suspicious…thinking…what was her first sign that something was wrong?

I know you want to know just what was this guy smoking…….pause for effect…….well he was also charged with possession of marijuana….go figure!2008

Idiot Of The Week

I will attempt to post something on this every week, with the hopes that there will be enough posts that we can award “Idiot Of The Year”. Please if anyone has a nominee for this award leave me a comment and I will post it.

The first one is a good one.

Different charges could be coming against a former state senator who allegedly killed young geese last week in a gas barbecue grill at his home on the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

Mike Gunn, who represented Rankin County in the state Legislature through most of the 1990s, could face federal prosecution on claims that he killed seven goslings in his backyard last Friday.

Witnesses told authorities that Gunn scooped up the geese and put them in the grill. He later took them out and threw them in a trash bin.

Makes me proud of Mississippi that we have such great people that have served in the governmevt of the state.


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