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Things Can Only Get Better

18 June 2013 Leave a comment

That statement has been passed around elections in Mississippi for decades….the candidates are all about jobs and education and well pick a subject….we voters have been promised so much and so little has been delivered……

Most recently the Wall Street has conducted a survey of states and gave them a ranking……

24/7 Wall St. considered data from a number of sources, including Standard & Poor’s, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau, the Tax Foundation, RealtyTrac, The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Conference of State Legislators.

Unemployment data was taken from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Credit ratings were from ratings agencies S&P and Moody’s. We relied on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for violent crime rate by state and large metropolitan areas. RealtyTrac provided foreclosure rates.

A significant amount of the data we used came from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Data from ACS included percentage of residents below the poverty line, high school completion for those 25 and older, median household income, percentage of the population without health insurance and the change in median home values from 2006 to 2011. These are the values we used in our ranking.

Once we reviewed the sources and compiled the final metrics, we ranked each state based on its performance in all the categories. All data are for the full year 2011, with the exception of debt per capita, obtained from the Tax Foundation, and state budgetary data, which came from the U.S. Census Bureau, and is for fiscal year 2010. New to this year’s study was our more detailed review of state industry for 2011, from the the Bureau of Economic Analysis, exports per capita for 2011, from the Census Bureau, and the 2010 tax burden and the current tax business climate, from the Tax Foundation.

And now….may I have a drum roll please…..hoiw did the great state of Mississippi do on the rankings?

40. Mississippi
> Debt per capita: $2,182 (11th lowest)
> Budget deficit: 15.9% (tied-22nd largest)
> Unemployment: 10.7% (4th highest)
> Median household income: $36,919 (the lowest)
> Pct. below poverty line: 22.6% (the highest)

Last year, Mississippi had the nation’s lowest median income. At just under $37,000, it was more than $13,500 below the national median income. Along with that distinction, no state had a higher poverty rate than Mississippi’s 22.6%, which was double the rate of six states. Mississippi has also fallen behind the rest of the nation in recovering from the financial crisis. The state’s GDP shrank by 0.8% in 2011, the second largest decline in the country, and 10.7% of the state’s workforce was unemployed, the fourth-highest figure in the U.S. According to The Commercial Appeal, there are currently as many residents employed as in the mid-1990s, though the state’s population has risen from 2.7 million to nearly 3 million.

Th3e ONLY good news in this survey is….there are 10 states below us….which is a pretty good standing for the state….we are usually at the bottom of every good list and the top of every bad list……

When will the people of Mississippi demand their elected clowns actually do something for the people of the state and stop playing their political games?

The best answer is….I will be dead and gone before that happens!

Secret Money Is Now Swaying State Judicial Elections | Mother Jones

14 June 2013 Leave a comment

This is how the GOP is fighting all federal laws……stacking the deck at the state level……..


Secret Money Is Now Swaying State Judicial Elections | Mother Jones.

via Secret Money Is Now Swaying State Judicial Elections | Mother Jones.

New Ideas Of State Reps

8 February 2010 Leave a comment

I got this email recently from the Progressive States Network and thought I would pass it along to the readers….some of the ideas are pretty good and innovative and some are just dumb….

Job Creation Opportunities During a Recession

Kauffman Foundation – The Economic Future Just Happened
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation – 2008 State New Economy Index
Kauffman Foundation – Better, Faster, Cheaper: The New Bootstrap Job Creator”

State Venture Capital Funds

National Governors Association – State Strategies to Promote Angel Investment for Economic Growth
NASVF – U.S. State-Supported Venture Capital Funds

Encourage Technology Transfer and Commercialization

Pennsylvania Economy League – A Continuing Record of Achievement: The Economic Impact of Ben Franklin Technology Partners 2002-2006
U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration – Construction Grants Program Impact Assessment Report
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation – 2008 State New Economy Index
Batelle and the Association of University Research Parks – Characteristics and Trends in North American Research Parks

Strengthen Industry Partnerships & Clusters

Keystone Research Center – Pennsylvania’s Industry Partnership Strategy
Steel Valley Authority (SVA) – Early Warning and Layoff Aversio
Seattle Foundation and SkillUp Washington –  Creating Stronger Workforce Partnerships In Manufacturing
National Fund for Workforce Solutions – The Principles of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions and Their Implications for Public Policy
National Governors Association – Cluster-Based Strategies for Growing State Economies

State government needs all the help it can get….but unfortunately politics is NOT always the best for the state…just the individuals that play the game……

Is Education Really That Important?

15 January 2010 Leave a comment

An interesting question and in my opinion it is NOT!  I will bet that you are wondering why I would make such an assertion…….let me explain…..

In an article in the NY Times:

A law adopting statewide high school exams for graduation took effect in Pennsylvania on Saturday, with the goal of ensuring that students leaving high school are prepared for college and the workplace. But critics say the requirement has been so watered down that it is unlikely to have major impact.

The situation in Pennsylvania mirrors what has happened in many of the 26 states that have adopted high school exit exams. As deadlines approached for schools to start making passage of the exams a requirement for graduation, and practice tests indicated that large numbers of students would fail, many states softened standards, delayed the requirement or added alternative paths to a diploma.

Okay, the deal is that if they lower standards for graduation then more students will be able to enter college…is that about it?

First, this sounds like BS……if education isa the key to a better economy would not making it more difficult to graduate than easier….would not a more thoroughly educated student be a better candidate?

Second, this sounds like a snow job….it sounds more like trying to get all states to have an elevated graduation amount so that they can get all those federal funds for a good record?

Mississippi is one of the least educated states in the country and it would NOT be good to lower the standards for graduation….the only people that would benefit would be politicians…..

Third, NO matter how low we take the standards, the recession will preclude many from entering into college….the middle class is struggling with the economy and lowering standards for high school graduation is NOT going to assist those people to get their children into college…..

It is as simple as that…..nowhere is lowering the standards a good idea….will not help the economy, will not end the recession and it will definitely NOT be good for the students that all are using as pawns in this money game…..

Whose Idea Is It?

13 January 2010 Leave a comment

We all have heard the stories of how the state is suffering from this recession….that the revenues of the state are reaching record lows….sad to say we are not alone…..all states are suffering from the same problems in their budgets….but I will focus on Mississippi…..

I keep bring up that fact that the state’s revenue comes from the imposition of taxes….without taxes there is NO services that the state is required to offer the people…..and yet every time the legislature meets there is some that want, including the governor, to cut taxes, almost ALL taxes… they NOT see what that does for their budgets…..or is it they do not care and need the cuts to pad their political resumes for their next campaign?  IMO, it is the latter!

Property taxes?  And sales taxes?  You do realize that this is the most important tax?  Why?  The collection of property taxes is one of the chief sources of revenue for state and local government and then the collection of state sales tax……and now the new legislative session has a couple of bills before it:

First there is SB 2288 which states:


And then there is HB 4 which states:


Just those two bills would decrease the amount of revenue that is coming in…,…state legislators will have to deal with the budget shortfalls by cutting the services and programs that it funds….you have that right?……first, programs for the poor and disadvantage will suffer, i.e.  Medicaid and then once that sector is officially killed they will move to such other programs as educational and so forth……all that is just fine for some but they have NOT looked at it realistic……once all the other programs have been cut to the bone and there is still a shortfall then cuts will be made to programs that effect the white people the most….like fire and police….and then the voice of the people will be heard at least if the politicians want to be re-elected……

But will the people finally realize that to keep cutting taxes is NOT the way to fund programs that benefit ALL Mississippians?

To answer my own question….maybe finally the people of Mississippi will be open to the idea of land value taxation (LVT)…….this could go a long way to solving ALL of Mississippi’s financial problems….it is worth a look…so why waste time BS-ing the people and find the cure…it is there just grow a set of cajones and try it… could not be as bad as the crap you put us through yearly…..Just a thought…..

Mississippi’s Legislative Session–2010

12 January 2010 Leave a comment

The guys and gals have returned to work in Jackson and that means the good, the bad and the ugly are far as bills go….I will be watching and ranting on the ones that hit me the most and then at the end of the session I will do my annual posts…..The Good….The Bad…..The Ugly….my analysis of bills and their effects on Mississippi….

As usual the Legislature will spend much time commending people and such…….it has started and now the rest of the session will be an exercise in futility….all it will do is pad some politicians resume for use in his/her re-election campaign……looks good…sounds good….but is NEVER intended on passage…..

look for bills on sex ed….radar for sheriff…..schools…..obesity……Medicaid….the usual suspects….

When Will Mississippians Ever Learn?–Part 2

6 January 2010 Leave a comment

As the second part of my look at Mississippi’s representation in Washington—this post will be about my Rep in the House….Gene Taylor…….

In the past Rep. Taylor’s record has been pretty good as far as the middle class goes…..

2003-B, 2004–C, 2005–C, 2006–C, 2007–C, 2008–A and for 2009 he has gotten a 68% approval rating….let us look at where is NO votes have been inb the past year……

He has vote NO on these bills–

Wall Street Accountability & Consumer Protection

Affordable Health Care Act

Jobs For Main Street Act

Clean Energy & Security Act

Helping Families Save Their Homes Act

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

There are the biggies for 2009……read the list again and read it carefully……(pause here for reflection)…..are you a Mississippian that has no job or is losing your house or cannot afford health care….if so, tell me just where is Taylor actually doing your bidding Washington?

Once again Mississippians have been lead by the Bible down a road of ruin….they have a LONG history of voting for the worst person to represent them….will they ever change?  Not a chance!