Here We Go Again

It is time for me to re-start my old regional blog, Gulf South Free Press, I have started it as an op-ed blog with my personal views ….

I apologize to those few people that had been following my blog and have not seen anything useful from me.

2020 is approaching and this would be a go time for me to insert my views into the conversation…..since I am an opinionated SOB it should be fun.

To all…thanx for bearing with me over these months while I dealt with the things I had to….I will try to do better in the coming days.

Followers Galore!

Thank You!

I have been duly surprised……After only two days of resurrection GSFP has got 20 new followers.

I would like to thank all those that have shown interest and have chosen to keep track of my op-eds.

All this is much appreciated….I will try to not let you down.

In the days and weeks to come I will be offering my opinion on many different subjects and issues……I would like to invite all readers to participate.

Discussion and debate is how we find solutions to problems.

I look forward to hearing from all you in the future.

I thank all everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Turn The Page!

GSFP Reborn!

After a 4 year absence GSFP will return…..with some slight modifications….it will no longer be a state blog but rather an op-ed blog with posts written by Putzler Prize winner Chuq.

Subjects will include politics, science, society and anything else I feel the need to write about…..since I am an opinionated SOB I thought why not blog opinion only and let it go from there….

Hopefully some of the regulars from IST will stop by and check out the op-eds and join in the discussion/debate.

As an extra feature I have added a “Live Chat”….we will see how this works out….it may not last long but it is worth a try.

The first post will be forthcoming for the new and improved GSFP.

GSFP Announcement

We regret that our limited resources makes it necessary to concentrate on one state for now.  We will be mainly reporting on report on stories from South MS.  We will keep our sights on LA, AL, and west Fl for news that would be of interst, but for now we must limit our area of reporting.

Again we are truly sorry for this and hope that time and resources will make it possible to return to the whole area of the region.

Thanks for understanding and all your support….EDS

GSFP Announcement

I apologize to thoise who are loyal readers, but in the past week I have had “connectile dysfunction” and pc probs…so I decided to take some much needed zen time away from the news.  Forgive, we should be back on 22 September in full force.  (he said with fingers crossed).


We are watching Gustav hard, once it enters the Yucatan Channel the direction should be more clear.  We at GSFP made it through Katrina and we will make it thru Gustav.  However, we may be down awhile because of power loss.  Please keep checking back, we will return as soon as possible.

Thanx, for viewing and wish us luck.