Monument For Traitors

These days there is lots of ink being spread on paper about those monuments to the Confederate soldiers and leaders….some want to preserve their legacy….really?

The legacy that they were traitors to the United States….or the legacy that they fought to preserve the institution of slavery?

Which is it?

Yes these statues are a piece of American history….when these people left the United States Of America they became traitors to the oath they took to defend the union against all enemies.

And yet we have statues celebrating these people…..if we are gonna have statues for traitors where is Benedict Arnold’s or Aaron Burr’s statue?

Or for that matter……where is the statue of my grandfather?

I bring GW up because in the 1930s he went the Spain to fight the fascists and upon his return he was arrested and charged with treason for it was unlawful for American citizens to fight in a foreign countries wars….full disclosure the changes were dropped in 1940.

Remove all celebrations of treason.

Symbols are important to a culture. There is no reason for a culture to celebrate its enemies. America has reached an important moment – we are taking treason and individuals who advocate treason seriously. The leaders of the Confederacy went to war with the United States of America and they lost. Good destroyed evil and the advocates of evil don’t deserve statues on public lands.

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I disagree with Trump and his slobbering supporters……removing monuments to traitors is not the same as destroying our heritage…..
Conservative opponents of the drive to dismantle the many monuments neo-Confederates erected to honor Confederate leaders often resort to “floodgates” or “slippery-slope” arguments that taking this step will lead to some sort of national iconoclastic frenzy wherein history is defaced and national heroes are defiled. Such arguments received a large boost when a historic Virginia church decided simultaneously to relocate from its sanctuary plaques honoring Robert E. Lee and George Washington — who both at one time worshipped there.
Lincoln basically founded the Republican Party…..and now the GOP is defending the very traitors that Lincoln had to face……why is this?  Plus it is pointed out that many of our earlier presidents owned slaves……yes they did but not one of them fought in a war against the USA…..

The Senate majority chief, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, was extra outspoken in his opposition. On Tuesday, he derided brewing efforts to “airbrush the Capitol and scrub out everybody from years ago who had any connection to slavery” as “nonsense” and “a bridge too far.” He even felt moved to listing for reporters a few of the early presidents who owned slaves. “Washington did. Jefferson did. Madison did. Monroe did.”

None of these presidents, it ought to be famous, went to warfare towards the United States to defend slavery. Nor are all the 11 statues of peripheral figures who had simply “any connection” to the warfare for chattel slavery. The statues embody one among Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America; Alexander Hamilton Stephens, the vp; and its most well-known basic, Robert E. Lee. There are different statues of males much less central to the insurgent trigger. But on condition that states can choose any person of note from their state, certainly there are numerous different males or girls who don’t have the Confederacy on their résumés.

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Nothing about Confederates made them “patriots”….they were traitors plain and simple.

There are over one thousand seven hundred monuments to the Confederacy in America today, from the four corners of the continental United States to most of the states in between, and including several of the former Union states. The Confederate flag is commonly found almost exclusively in many white homes and businesses, as stickers on cars and trucks, and even as part of the Mississippi state flag.

This is notable because America is the only nation today where those who fought a civil war against that nation are memorialized and even glorified with government approval and at the taxpayers’ expense. Those who support keeping Confederate monuments on public lands commonly make the argument that Confederates were Americans. Below is one such example of the argument:

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There is nothing left to say……traitors do not deserve monuments or admiration or some “patriotic” nonsense…

It is simple….they were traitors….PERIOD!

“lego ergo scribo”

MS: Beauvoir To Reopen

That shining beacon of the Confederacy, Beauvoir, last home of Pres, Jefferson Davis, will reopen soon.

In the history of Hurricane Katrina recovery, Beauvoir is a Humpty Dumpty “back together again” story getting national attention.

The restored 1852 National Historic Landmark reopens Tuesday with a public celebration and tours for the first time since the 2005 storm destroyed all but the house on the beachfront estate where Jefferson Davis spent his retirement.

Lovers of architecture and history, Mississippi Coast residents appreciating a positive sign of storm recovery, tourists, Davis family members and Coast and state VIPs will attend the morning celebration, timed to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Davis’ birth.