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Just One More Gun Post

Before I begin let me assure my readers that this is not some anti-gun rant…..just a short look back at history and scratch my head.

What got me thinking about this more was a photo of a guy at a coffee stand with is carbine slung over shoulder…..since I could not find the one I wanted I give you this one…..

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If you need a gun to get a cup of coffee stay home and make your own.

I see these photos of people carrying guns at protests, parades and just strolling around a city to be named.  It got me thinking back to my younger days when I was a Leftist protester……

Could Not Happen In Days Gone By

I remember just what the conservatives thought in those days and they would have given themselves an irritable bowel if we had shown up with a…

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Call It “Domestic Terrorism”!

From my primary blog, In Saner Thought….

In Saner Thought

The last round of mass shootings and the media has once again gone to great lengths to try and label them as “Domestic Terrorist” acts.  (Another in the news as I ready this for post)

The media is all over this terminology…..pundits are spending countless hours making the case for it.

The problem is there is NO unified definition of what a domestic terrorist act details.

A good place to start is here…..

The number of bereaved families and friends of those massacred by white terrorists in the United States tragically continues to expand. Within the last year alone bodies riddled with the bullets of military-style weapons lay strewn on the streets of large cities like Pittsburgh and El Paso to small towns like Poway and Gilroy. Fueled by anti-Semitic and anti-Hispanic rhetoric, the paranoid projections and racist rhetoric of white nationalism and white supremacy have been weaponized into white…

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What Is To Be Done?

With everything that has hit the fan about Our Dear Leader since his unlikely election in 2016 people have been trying to find or at least hoping to find some way to rid the country of a worthless  lump of (fill in the blank)…………

An interesting article published on Counter Punch……

The odds do not favor Donald Trump being impeached or indicted, but there is an unusual alternative without precedent. In 1963, following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a bipartisan effort led by Senators Kenneth Keating and Estes Kefauver enacted legislation for a procedure to replace a president unable to discharge the duties of the office. Like impeachment and indictment, however, the use of the 25th Amendment is unlikely.

Since Trump will not be removed from office before 2020, it is important to focus on approaches to contain his worst impulses and protect the country. If the Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives in the November 2018 election, there are initiatives that could be pursued.

What is to be Done?


Medicare For All (Cond)

I started my writings on Medicare For All on IST…..

I am writing this because I am sick of the BULLSHIT spread by the GOP and some of the Dems about the idea of Medicare For All.  Have you noticed the excuses that some Dem candidates have sound more like GOP talking points than Democratic ideas? Like the so-called front runner Joe Biden…….his plan for health care is a corporate dominant plan like Obamacare……

Joe Biden is taking an aggressive approach to defending the Affordable Care Act, challenging not just President Trump but also some of his Democratic rivals who want to replace the current insurance system with a fully government-run model, per the AP. The former vice president will spend much of the coming week talking about his approach to health care. On Monday, Biden unveiled a plan that would add a “public option” to the 2010 health care overhaul, with expanded coverage paid for by raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans. The former vice president’s health care proposal is anchored by a “Medicare-like” plan that any American, including the 150 million-plus Americans now covered by job-based insurance, could buy on ACA exchanges. “I understand the appeal of Medicare for All,” Biden said in a video posted Monday morning. “But folks supporting it should be clear that it means getting rid of ObamaCare. And I’m not for that.” The proposal would make existing premium subsidies more generous and make more middle-income households eligible for them, lowering their out-of-pocket costs. It also would extend premium-free coverage to lower-income Americans who have been denied eligibility to Medicaid in Republican-run states that refused to participate in the Affordable Care Act. The campaign puts the taxpayer cost at $750 billion over 10 years, with the campaign saying that would be covered by returning the top marginal income tax to 39.6%, the rate before the 2017 GOP tax cuts.

But what will this plan do?  Is it truly as billed?

After spending the past week sniping at Medicare for All with insurance industry talking points, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Monday unveiled a healthcare plan that one analyst said could cause the deaths of around 125,000 people over the first ten years by leaving millions of Americans uninsured.

I listened to a Biden senior analyst speak on Biden’s plan….she spoke so fast I thought I was bidding on a vase at Sotherby’s……do not trust people that talk so fast you cannot keep up with their BS. Corporate profits will remain with Biden and after all is that not what it is all about?

AS we approach the 2020 election cycle then the lies about Medicare For All will increase….the usual lies like it is “socialism”…or my favorite you will lose your doctor if they do away with private health insurance…..enough is enough. First I am on Medicare and I have NEVER been told which doctors I can or cannot see. Second nothing would prevent a person from getting a supplement insurance since Medicare only pays about 80% and the patient is on the hook for the other 20%. You can go to any doctor, any hospital or clinic or other provider you prefer. All networks are gone. So are all surprise medical bills. So are all out of network charges. So are all premiums, all deductibles, all co-pays for such basics as emergency care, doctor’s visits, mental health, dental, vision, long term care, and so much more.

A new survey out this week is an important step forward to demolishing one of the principle talking points against Medicare for All. No doubt, you’ve heard this one: “People love their insurance! Under Medicare for All, you’ll lose your private insurance and your doctor.” Uh, no. A Morning Consult/Politico survey conducted after the first Democratic presidential primary debates found that when people hear the real story—that under Medicare for All you can keep your preferred doctors and hospitals, support climbs to a clear majority of 55 percent. Support among Democrats gets to 78 percent. For independents it’s a big leap of 14 points, up to 56 percent support. That support eclipses the disinformation peddled by the health care industry, their lobbyists, their mouthpieces in Congress—and too many in the media—that if you lose your private insurance you will lose your preferred doctor or other provider.

Keep in mind that all the negativity comes from those that get a large portion of the cash from the industry that they are protecting…..big pharma and the health industry none of whom want to see their massive profits diminished. For instance Joe Biden…….he has attacked the proposal of Medicare For All……as well as other progressive solutions…..

After former Vice President Joe Biden attacked Medicare for All, decriminalization of border crossings, and other major progressive agenda items during an interview that aired Friday morning, fellow 2020 White House contender Bernie Sanders responded that bold ideas will be necessary to “energize voters” and defeat President Donald Trump.

If you want quality health care and the people deserve such then Medicare For All is the answer…..anything else is just letting the insurance people control when and where you are ill. Read the bill that would create Medicare For All…..

Just a little FYI…….

Okay Trolls may jump in now and tell me all about the benefits of private health care.

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The Lie For The Ages

I am an old fart and have been following and writing about politics for at least 50 years….in all that time there has been one constant……conservatives have championed what they call “small government”…..some call this “limited government”.

These days it is not as uttered as much as it has been in the past with the exception come election time and then there is a rush to condemn all government spending with the hopes that the people have not noticed that t is just not true.

Most times the voter will fall for a slogan and not care one way or the other as long as their “guy” wins the election.

The lie of the ages……”small government conservative”.

Please name one of our recent conservative presidents and administrations that have lessened the deficit….ergo a small government conservative.

These people explode the deficit with their damn silly tax policies and in return blame benefits for their rising deficits.

These are “earned benefits” not so-called “entitlements”….another lie to go with “small government conservative”……..there is nothing about these benefits that is a “give-a-way” and getting these “benefits” is NOT “freeloading” as some of the toads would have you believe.

I have been trying to illustrate to my readers that the term small government means the exact opposite when  uttered by a Republican.

In the last 50 years these “small government conservatives” have expanded the deficit more than so called liberals……and have expanded the size of government as well…..

Something to think about.

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$15 Minimum Wage

One of the biggest issues for 2020 and onward is the possibility to raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.  Since most jobs created by this “booming” economy are minimum wage jobs and mostly in the service industry.

The CBO has issued its finding on the raise of the minimum wage…….

A Congressional Budget Office analysis published Monday showed that raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 would significantly increase pay for over 27 million workers and lift 1.3 million people—including hundreds of thousands of children—out of poverty.

The CBO also found that more than doubling the federal minimum wage would boost the income of families earning less than three times the poverty rate by nearly $22 billion.

The federal minimum wage in the United States is only $7.25 per hour. It hasn’t seen a meaningful boost in this required amount for more than a decade. Although it is still a comparatively high salary minimum when compared to what a majority of the world’s population receives in compensation for their work, it is worth far less today than it was when it was first raised to that level.

Because of the lack in value of the minimum wage as it currently stands, there is a political and socioeconomic push from both sides of the aisle to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. The highest value for this wage in the U.S. when adjusted for inflation came in 1968 when workers earned $8.68 per hour. Since then, the actual value of these earnings has lost over 10% of its purchasing power.

To be fair I try to give both sides of this issue…..the site has a debate on the rise of the minimum wage……

Proponents of a higher minimum wage state that the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is too low for anyone to live on; that a higher minimum wage will help create jobs and grow the economy; that the declining value of the minimum wage is one of the primary causes of wage inequality between low- and middle-income workers; and that a majority of Americans, including a slim majority of self-described conservatives, support increasing the minimum wage.

Opponents say that many businesses cannot afford to pay their workers more, and will be forced to close, lay off workers, or reduce hiring; that increases have been shown to make it more difficult for low-skilled workers with little or no work experience to find jobs or become upwardly mobile; and that raising the minimum wage at the federal level does not take into account regional cost-of-living variations where raising the minimum wage could hurt low-income communities in particular.

My personal opinion is that it has long past time for this raise….as I look for a candidate to support this is one of the issues that I use…..along with education, foreign policy.

Hopefully this post will be helpful.

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The Small Government Conservative

College of Political Knowledge

Paper:  2018/1

As the 20128 mid-terms draw closer it is time for GSFP to look at the BS that will be part of the campaigning…..most of it are lies and dog whistle topics that accomplish nothing but to get heads nodding.

I have written that one of the biggest cowards in our political society is the centrist……now I would like to touch on another political lie…….small government.

For decades the GOP has been the poster child for a small limited government…….but first define small government…. a limited government as one that exercises only the specifically named powers that its constitution assigns to it; it can also be characterized by a separation of powers and a system of checks and balances, as in the U.S. government. For example, the U.S. government is only supposed to exercise the specifically-named powers that the Constitution assigns to it; its core functions include safeguarding individual liberty and protecting private property.

Then small government means a government that minimizes its own activities.

Of course conservatives accused others of having some sort of power to design a big government tht spends all its time inserting itself into society at all levels….but is that accurate?

Let’s compare the two…….

The term “big government” stimulates plenty of images and emotions, and they’re generally negative. Words like “bureaucratic,” “inefficient,” “intrusive,” and even “corrupt” are often associated with the term. Economists charge that big government interferes with the mechanisms of free enterprise. Libertarians believe it seeks to control private or personal freedoms guaranteed by the “natural law” eloquently philosophized by John Locke and formalized in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. And politicians claim big government lacks checks and balances on its exercise of power, leading it to represent special interests to the detriment of its citizens.

Small government, on the other hand, is generally believed to lead to a more efficient and flexible system. “Getting government off our backs” or “getting government out of the way” are cries to return to the low-tax, no-regulation beliefs of the American Revolutionary period. The size of government envisioned by the country’s founders sought to cast off tyranny and empower small businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Now that the definitions and the comparisons have been written…let’s talk reality.

Like so many have witnessed the GOP talks a good game during elections but once they are “in control” they are anything but small government….they blow up the deficit with wars or adventurisms or high dollar programs that benefit no one but the big corporations.

For instance when GW Bush came to office he had a budget surplus to work with and by the end of year one he had started two wars and expanded the deficit…..sorry but there is nothing about the GOP that can be said to be small government.

Almost every time the GOP holds the presidency they explode the deficit and almost as sure as the sun will shine they blame the poor and entitlements for the deficit….every damn time!

The longer conservs believe the crap to further the country will slide into a deeper and deeper deficit that serves no purpose but a talking point to help elect those that will do little to fix the problem……the benefits we pay into will be attacked and lessened as it is every time they try to play the entitlements card.

Now look at the Trump years……the GOP has become no longer a small government party…..they have allowed government to expand without checks and the Repubs have said NOTHING in response to Trump…..

No longer able to claim the mantle of small government conservatism…just as it can NO longer claim the mantle of moral high ground….they have given that up to support as lying philanderer with the morals of an alley cat.

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