We Will Always Have Afghanistan

The title is something I got from a line in Casablanca, “We’ll always have Paris”…..(damn fine movie)

It seems this country will always have Afghanistan…….stretches all the way back to 1979 and we are still “sorting it out”…..

First some sad news….

Two US soldiers were killed today just outside of the major Afghan city of Kandahar, when a suicide bomber attacked the NATO convoy they were traveling in. NATO confirmed “casualties,” but did not specify if there were any wounded on top of the two slain.

The two slain today makes nine US soldiers killed in Afghanistan so far this year, and while that’s not a lot, increased interest in putting US fighters back on the front lines has definitely made them more available targets in recent months, and this trend of casualties could be rising after dropping off in the past couple of years

During the campaign of 2016 candidate Trump made the comment that “He knows more than the generals” when is talking about Iraq and Afghanistan…..if that is true then he should back up his old kit bag and venture to Afghanistan and set the generals straight.

He reinforced his belief (erroneous I might add) recently at a meeting of his cabinet…..

President Trump isn’t happy about the situation in Afghanistan and his proposed solution is one that will be familiar to Celebrity Apprentice viewers, insiders say. Sources tell Reuters that during a July 19 meeting in the White House Situation Room, an angry Trump said military leaders should consider firing Gen. John Nicholson, commander of US forces in Afghanistan, over his performance. “We aren’t winning,” Trump said, per the sources, described as senior administration officials. “We are losing.” Trump also complained about NATO allies and said the US should demand some of Afghanistan’s estimated $1 trillion mineral wealth, the officials say.

The only way to prove his assertion is to go to Afghanistan and see for himself.

The problem is that there is not a decent golf course close by so he probably will never venture to the country.

Then there is the demand he is making that Afghanistan should share their mineral wealth with the US.


He wants Afghanistan to pay “tribute” to the invaders.

Alexander the Great was thew last to “tame” Afghanistan….there have been many others that have tried…..and all have failed and failed miserably.

What makes our president think that we will be the first in many centuries?

16 thoughts on “We Will Always Have Afghanistan

  1. In reference to: ” …if that is true then he should back up his old kit bag and venture to Afghanistan and set the generals straight….” allow me to suggest that if this is what the President should do then how much more should the arm-chair politicians do the same …. provided they can gain the clearances, the experience and the authority to do more than blow on and on about such matters.

  2. In reference to…. “…The problem is that there is not a decent golf course close by so he probably will never venture to the country…..” —- invalid assumption/presumption because who knows whether or not the President will ever “Venture to the country.” Obvious cheap shot at the much-despised President.

      1. Everyone must work within the limitations of their own set of values, professional and unprofessional so the argument is mute from the beginning.

      1. You posted some great stuff and I am glad I found out you had Gulf Free as well.

      2. I have found that bloggin and bloggers have replaced main stream news/media outlets as the bringers of information/facts. We must help one another uncover those facts and that information that news corporations have covered up with a blanket of censorship.

      3. I agree and there is also a wealthy of BS “facts” being spread….we need to stifle them at as often as we can. And I thank you from the bottom of my soul….chuq

  3. When we have troops serving in combat zones, one thing you can be sure of is that they will be visited by the Prime Minister, The Minister of Defence, and one of the Royals. Though I personally regard such visits as a pointless photo-opportunity, I think it is the least they can do, and it may well have some positive affect on troop morale. During the UK’s time in Afghanistan, Prince Harry even served in a front-line unit. How much danger he was in is debatable, but at least he was seen to be there, and in a live-fire situation too.
    Trump could do himself many favours politically, by making a visit to soldiers serving in Afghanistan, or Syria.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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