Fight Against Dirty Coal Plant

I got this email from the Sierra Club and wanted to pass it along….Mississippi is already the most littered state…so let us try and keep it a bit cleaner…if possible…..

Do you think $2.8 billion for a dirty coal plant is a good investment for Mississippi? Mississippi Power is proposing an enormous, dirty coal plant in Kemper County and will pass on the construction cost to their customers, causing monthly bills to increase by 200%!

Take action now to oppose Mississippi Power’s $2.8 billion dollar coal plant in Kemper County.

Mississippi’s Public Service Commission (PSC) is accepting public comments through the public hearing on February 5th.  We need your input as they consider granting the certificate of need for this multi-billion dollar, dirty, unnecessary coal plant.

There are cleaner, healthier solutions to Mississippi. There is over 7,000 MW of power in cleaner burning natural gas plants that are sitting idle while MS Power claims there are no other sources of energy.  Energy efficiency and conservation should be the “first fuel” that should be utilized and considered before saddling electric customers with billions of dollars of debt for decades to come.

Please submit a public comment now and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Take Action here:

If you love your state and want to keep it as pristine as possible….GET INVOLVED!

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